Monday, November 16, 2009


Makins Hats are one of the finest on the planet!
We were able to sit with Marsha herself and brought these custom numbers together from scratch. Rooms full of ribbons dating back to the 20's, blocks piled up like stone walls, fur felt bodies in more colors than Benjamin Moore.
We couldn't be happier with the way things turned out. These hats are hand blocked in NYC and there was over 250 crowns to choose from. The Block in the photo was one of our final picks. Not to mention stacks and stacks of brims to match the crown to make that perfect match of modern and classic. The band on two of these hats is FROM the 1930's and we did short runs (that's all the ribbon there was!) - 7 Brown and 7 Blue on those numbers. The Fur Felt is top notch and they are designed by yours truly along side the Coty and Cutty Sark award winner milliner Marsha Akins.
These are some of the finest available right now, so if your that serious with your selection - stop by and take a look. Half are gone already. We also have a few go up to a little under 63cm on these bad boys so even if you have a huge melon your covered!

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