Saturday, April 24, 2010

It just wouldn't be Spring without the
buzz of the Kentucky Derby

Just got our first inquiry today about
Kentucky Derby Hats...

April 30th to May 1st are the dates,
Mint Juleps anyone?

the Headbands and Clips that you LOVE are in!
Flowers and Feathers Galore!

hand made in Jersey...

a happy gift for YOU or your best chum...
Leather Flower Rings!

Silk Vision

There is a competition out there in the world of hatters right now...
Who can make the Jazziest Silk Band?!
It is a tough call, but Goorin has quite the selection...
Check out the band on this Minna Straw!

tack it on your hat, stick it to your lapel...

these little treasures
are a delight!
Brooches by Joli
made in the Big Apple
vintage baubles and gems
are reassembled to create
these beauties!
we love that Jody notes
the era that every bead
in each composition is from